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Non-profit and governmental organizations use funds to segregate their accounts by program – to track grants, funding, and budget allocation.  Granting organizations often require an audit of how the money is spent.  

Benefits the GPT Tracker provides:

  • Manage burn rate and cumulative
  • Annual organization budgets for grant application
  • Ability to track funded and non-funded projects
  • Compliance with government budget regulations
  • Historic trace and track by employee
  • Employee workload forecasting
  • Time entry/vacation scheduling

GPT is an integrated solution for Budgeting, Revenue Forecasting, and Program Time Tracking utilizing and VisualForce capabilities.  Most importantly, it offers the flexibility of single- or multi-sourcing of funding.  It allows any Not-for-Profit (NFP) and Publicly-Funded Organization (PFO) receiving grant funding from Federal, State, and Local authorities as well as Private institutions to forecast revenue, budget, and monitor spend for projects.  It offers reliable and audit-able “trace and track” features regarding grants and contracts in connection with budget submission, negotiation, administration, and settlement of contracts

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