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Software For Modern Outreach Teams

Cloud computing is seen as a way to drive cost out of your organization, yet give you the information you need.  These outcomes are made possible by delivering solutions faster and much more flexible for the end user.  The VMR Tracker application in OneCommute is built for Outreach teams to track commuter information and do the reporting that is required by local, state and federal governments


Corporate & Local Commuters

Corporations can reduce their parking costs, greenhouse gas emissions and help alleviate congestion on the roads. Businesses that looked to support these local initiatives look to enable, encourage and engage their employees to use alternative forms of commuting. How can businesses assist with these initiatives?  By providing their employees the tools available to encourage alternative behavior when commuting (or teleworking) to the office.


Applications for Elderly, Vets, and Those in Need of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

vetTransportation Management organizations ensure that qualified individuals, such as: veterans, senior citizens, people with limited mobility, have easy/around-the-clock access to rides for medical services and necessary errands. The objective is to provide safe, timely, and courteous transportation services at the most efficient cost. In order to satisfy these multiple needs, the scheduling of vehicles must be optimized while ensuring superior quality service to the clients (riders).


Sustainability Calculator

A study from Green Building News stated that 30 percent more energy is expended by office workers commuting to and from the building than is consumed by the building itself for heating, cooling, lighting, and other energy uses.  Up to 70% of a companies carbon footprint comes from their employees commuting back and forth from home and office.  We can deploy dashboards to give you a complete picture of your carbon footprint for your organization.    

New CelWell Logo Large Development Services is an extremely powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing platform. We have developed multiple application launched on the AppExchange and can help you accelerate product development on while saving over 50% in costs.

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We package, publish and manage applications on the AppExchange for our customers. We offer user training, customization, enhancements, and integration of your product with third-party applications.

OneCommute and You Make a Perfect Team

OneCommute and you – the perfect team. No matter what your industry or role, OneCommute can work for you. We develop applications on the platform to meet the business needs in several industries.  Discover how OneCommute can help you meet your business needs.