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Creating Infrastructure for Efficient Multi-Modal Transportation Networks Webinar: OneCommute / ACT

WATCH WEBINAR: Creating Infrastructure for Efficient Multi-Modal Transportation Networks

Association for Commuter Transportation, September 28, 2023

Designing infrastructure to support multi-modal transportation networks can be difficult and costly. Creating infrastructure support is essential when developing a Last Mile Ride Home Program which help employees get that last mile from the transit station to home or the office. This webinar will share how to design, connect and implement the infrastructure with ONECOMMUTE to support multi-modal transportation networks and how partnering with trusted a transportation organization like Uber, iCabbi and Lyft, enables you to put together a program commuters love and that is simple to implement and manage.

OneCommute’s Ride Home Program Video

WATCH VIDEO: OneCommute’s Ride Home Program

With the growing demand for sustainable and efficient commuting options, organizations have been looking for ways to incentivize employees to choose alternative modes of transportation. OneCommute’s partnership with Uber aims to address the challenges faced by employers, Transportation Management Associations (TMAs), Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), and Property Operators in implementing Ride Home or Last Mile Programs. The OneCommute and Uber partnership now gives employees access to an easy Ride Home Program that they can depend on. This program not only encourages employees to embrace alternative commutes options but also provides them with the peace of mind that they have a convenient and dependable way to request a ride home. The availability of Uber’s options for transportation eliminates one of the primary concerns for employees when considering alternative commuting methods.

OneCommute’s OneApp Manager Video

WATCH VIDEO: OneCommute’s OneApp Manager

Unlock the power of mobility and engage commuters like never before! OneCommute offers a solution to get your employees to engage in alternative modes of transportation, with our user-friendly interface! Create one convenient place for your employees to access all of their commuting options. Personally customize your interface by transforming your website into a mobile app with the help of our white label capabilities.

OneCommute’s OneApp Manager utilized by the City of Bellevue, WA

WATCH VIDEO: OneCommute’s OneApp Manager utilized by City of Bellevue for the deployment of “Choose Your Way Bellevue” mobile app

OneCommute, a leading provider of commuter transportation solutions, is announcing its partnership with the City of Bellevue, Wash., to provide the Choose Your Way Bellevue app. By utilizing OneCommute’s simple-to-use OneApp Manager, the city brought a comprehensive commuter transportation application directly to the fingertips of its residents and visitors. As a leader in sustainability, Bellevue recognized the value of using technology application solutions to help workers, residents, and visitors more easily access sustainable transportation options across the city.

OneCommute’s Ordinance Management Video

OneCommute’s game-changing electronic solution for Permit & Ordinance management automates & simplifies ordinance compliance tracking, monitoring & reporting! Our comprehensive platform allows you to collect, track, monitor, and report ordinance and permit data, measurements, and requirements in ONE central place. With customizable and dynamic form capabilities, our platform maximizes simplicity and guarantees ease of use.