Employee Community

The communication solution for individual employers, groups of employers or your entire commuter population!

Employee Community is a flexible solution to improve communication and efficiency in your organization by providing one place to share all your commuter information.

It is a great marketing tool to work with your active commuter partners for quick messaging like Chatter. A great example of this is the OneCommute Command Center that combines messaging, transit Passes, Ride Share, and Commuting Options. It provides you an easy and effective way to stay engaged with employers, commuters, and partners with portals, sites, and forums.

OneCommute Employee Community can be configured to include the specific content, tools, and communication you need to share with your community of employees and partners. It creates one place to access everything employees or partners need for commuting such as:

  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Messaging and discussion tools like Chatter
  • Portal for sharing policies and information
  • Checklists
  • Commuter Options
  • Ride Matching and Logging Tools
  • Transit Pass Purchase
  • Trip Planning
  • Surveys
  • Commuter Mapping
  • Residential Solutions to help employees closer housing options

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