Surveys are a quick and easy way to get valuable feedback from key stakeholders within your business. Here at OneCommute, we have developed a suite of survey management tools to help you better communicate with your employees, and to hopefully make changes that keep your employees there.



Our suite allows you to build mobile-ready surveys using custom questions, or by selecting from a pre-built library of surveys and templates.



Our tool allows you to automatically send surveys after specific interactions to get real time feedback on your current operations. These surveys can be distributed in whichever way is ideal for your customers and stakeholders, whether it be email, the mobile app, or Salesforce communities. You may also choose to embed the surveys in a One-touch email, which has been shown to double response rates.



Analysis is made easy with the ability to map responses to any standard or custom object. You are able to perform this analysis within the Salesforce reports or by exporting the data to Excel, and can filter through this data with keyword searches.



Once you have the desired feedback, you will be able to quickly notify your stakeholders about critical information, and follow up with customers to further build relationships with your clients.

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