Testimonials for OneCommute

OneCommute’s detailed knowledge of Salesforce, technical expertise, and professionalism sets them apart from other firms that we have worked with. They were great at listening to us and fully understanding what we wanted to accomplish with this project. Then they worked closely with our team to achieve those goals. The result was a positive impact on our operations and happy users.”
~Brian Newsome, Executive VP


“Until OneCommute came along, using Salesforce wasn’t as easy or as applicable to our agency’s TDM as it is now. Now, the fields, reports, and calculations are relevant and meaningful! Thank you OneCommute!”
~Deborah Jones
“We are a 15 year established TMA in the Atlanta market with six other organizations partnered throughout the region. We needed a solution that would allow us to report from all seven teams to one regional collection point while at the same time keeping each individual organizations information secure. OneCommute’s VMR Tracker application allows us to do just that. We manage our contacts and their corresponding employer, property manager, and building partnerships though the Application. VMR tracker manages a program overview and mode count for each partner, and allows us to track the progress of each program. Carpool, vanpool, transit, compressed work week, alternative work arrangements, telework, bike/walk and even idle reduction can be tracked and reported on quickly. The application has fully customizable standards, goals, dashboards and reports.Before OneCommute, all of our data was tracked in outlook, spreadsheets and even manually on paper (yikes!). Now all of our information is in one place and can be easily accessed from any device at any time. This is saving us time, money and most of all aggravation.

CelWell was fantastic competent and highly efficient during our implementation process. After initial need and capability assessment meetings with all involved parties, CelWell put together a QA schedule that was logical and easy to understand. They offered both in person and online training, meetings and webinars.

With our implementation, CelWell had to accommodate seven different teams’ needs and still offer up a consistent product. Not only did they get our team out from under the piles of binders, spreadsheets and debris, they brought the region closer together as a whole.
~Tom Bastek
Outreach Manager / Salesforce Administrator