OneCommute Commute Bot

We change Driving to Work OneCommute at a time

Today, more businesses are taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and improve their customer and commuter relationship experience. Technologies, such as chatbots and AI-enabled communication, mean that around-the-clock interactions and customer service is now a reality. It’s a welcome one in a mobile-first world where people want access to information immediately and at the touch of a button. Businesses are interacting with their customers more, whether it’s through human-to-human interaction with an outreach team or an automatically generated email drip campaign based on algorithms for the best commute.

OneCommute is a leading provider of applications built for giving commuters an alternative way to commuting than driving alone. We have introduced OneCommute Commute Bot the only 24/7 application built on the Salesforce Einstein platform for commuters.

Key Benefits:

  • 24/7 Commuter Customer Service
  • Proactively Predict the Best Choice for Commuters
  • Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Predictive Commuting

Commute Bot

  • Define Your Look and Feel
  • Built in Questions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Configurable

Assist Your Commuters to Answer Their Questions

  • Gain real-time insights across all customer contact channels.
  • Powered to deliver knowledge using automated algorithms.
  • All Answers are not Vanpool and Carpool Ride Matching.
  • Deliver personalized services anywhere.

Create Customized Commute Plans

  • Make informed Communications about a customer’s commute plan.
  • Personalized Communications.
  • Learn as you go.

Sustainability Reporting

  • Tracks CO2 reduction.
  • Manage all reporting for outreach management activities.
  • Deploy dashboards to give you a complete picture of the carbon footprint for your organization.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by more than 20% per year with our Platinum commuter implementation.