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Transportation Management Organizations, Consulting Organizations, Transit Authorities need outreach management technology to assist with tracking of employers, property managers, commuters & more. Outreach Management is a cloud based solution to help organizations manage the complex reporting requirements of local, state and federal mandates.

Commute Plans

Plan your trip from home to your location of work, or other destinations. COMP-I is generating the recommended best fit option that fits your geographic fit. This way, you’ll know when to leave, what to expect in terms of traffic, which route to take, and whether or not there will be any delays along the way.

COMP-I can give you the Happiest, Greenest, Healthiest, Safest and other types of options for your commuters. Our algorithms are configurable as well as localized messaging for your employees or tenants.

Corporate Location Planning

When it comes to office site planning, employee mapping is critical. Our commuter mapping tool is just what you need.   

Did you know that the annual cost of commuting ranges from $3,000 to $20,000 per employee, not including reduced productivity, greater turnover, and lower employee retention? Do you know how much it costs you to pay your employees to commute? Employee Mapping from OneCommute can help! The relocation of a main office or the establishment of satellite offices can help all employees save space and time on their trips.  See how OneCommute’s Corporate Location Planning Solution will assist you make important decisions about your office location.   

Commuter Mapping

Employers can use Commuter Mapping to map where their employees live, useful information for office location planning.

OneCommute’s Commuter Mapping is an excellent application for mapping commuter locations and creating and managing carpool, vanpool, and shuttle programs. Encourage commuters to carpool with coworkers by using the employee mapping and Commuter programs.

CRE Business Intelligence

Our capacity to summarize and report on performance allows us to concentrate on the most important issues. In many places, it’s also a legal necessity, as well as a tool for us to promote our success. OneCommute produces automated commuter participation, sustainability, and effect reporting. Commuter reports and survey findings can also be integrated if using the OneCommute survey product.

Tenant Marketing

The OneCommute Tenant Marketing Application is designed to be an automated and proactive solution to communicate personalized tenant information including commute options, best time to arrive, best time to leave, alerts, new buidling information, new amenities and more. The “Tenant Journeys” are configurable by employer by employee.

  • Design beautiful landing pages
  • See how employers, clients and commuters are engaging with your emails, landing pages, social postings and form completion in your campaigns.
  • Reach more employers, property managers and commuters and track the response of each group.
  • Know your prospects by what they are interested in with scoring, commuter algorithms and gathering information..
  • Use Intelligent nurturing that adapts to your target audience and segmentation.
  • Measure your campaigns, and get insights into what resonates.

COMP-I can identify the profile of each tenant to target with a personalized message. The profile is relevant to the type of subcategories you define. As you capture information about a tenant profile it helps us to create specific campaigns that are relevant to the information you want your building community to have. OneCommute captures relevant profile information over time, which includes accessing Social Media with user credentials to add information to their profile.

Building Work Orders

Discover how our industry-leading software solutions assist property management teams in streamlining and prioritizing maintenance order requests in order to improve tenant satisfaction.

Bike Locker Management

Bike lockers provide the highest level of bicycle security while creating an ordered and efficient environment. 

Users can use bike locker management apps to search, reserve, rent, and pay for bike lockers on demand.

Employee Ride Matching

Ridesharing is an effective way to cut down on your travel time. Carpool vehicles are eligible to operate in designated high-occupancy vehicle lanes, which can typically avoid traffic congestion during peak commute times.

Commuters who want to form connections with other carpoolers can benefit from employee ridematching programs. Employees who have worked for years at larger companies can sometimes be unaware that they are also neighbors who may share rides to and from work. Commuters have better access to smarter commuting options thanks to ridematching software, which puts greater connectivity in their hands.

Parking Management

If you are looking to support Teleworks, but a main obstacle is reduction in parking needs, OneCommute’s Parking Management is just what you need! OneCommute’s technology drives more teleworking and less drivers to the office jump starting anyone who is ready to get ahead of the curve.

  • Finding parking creates ~30% of the traffic as well as resulting accidents.
  • Parking is one of the most stressful task amongst all driving experiences.
  • Employees, contractors, vendors, visitors, and customers come to your office and have to find parking.
  • Riding around to find a parking space has an adverse impact on the congestion in the area.

Having a system in place to automatically keep tabs on availability of parking spaces and keep the visitors informed so that they can be assigned to other parking lots and will greatly reduce the load on parking needs.

See how OneCommute’s Parking Management Solution can innovate your parking needs!

Ordinance Management

Comprehensive TDM ordinances-comprehensive regulations requiring TDM efforts by employers, developers, and property managers, which include technical assistance, penalties for noncompliance, and more.

A TDM ordinance requires employers or developers to provide transportation benefits and amenities that encourage sustainable transportation choices


Understanding the viewpoints of your employees is the best approach to improve your commuter program. It is recommended to do an initial staff survey as well as a quick pulse survey every quarter. The trick is to ask the same questions to track progress and changes.

Here are some sample questions OneCommute has used previously for commuter surveys.

  1. On a scale of zero to 10 how would you rate your commuter program?

  2. How would you rate your knowledge of commuter programs in the community?

  3. How likely are you to use an alternative commute at least once a week?

  4. What is the one thing that could improve the existing commuter program?

Shuttle Management

Fixed route shuttles with crucial timetables must be managed by employers, colleges, and others. Demand-responsive transit and point-to-point shuttle operations may also be involved. Fast, efficient, and reliable data exchange, vehicle tracking, and real-time reporting are required for the management of these high-volume operations. At OneCommute, we offer solutions for managing your shuttle services that are tailored to your campus’s needs.