Commercial Real Estate: OneBuilding for Office Buildings

Commercial Real Estate
OneBuilding for Office Buildings


OneBuilding is a multi-facet software solution that enables you to provide your tenants valuable solutions, services, and engaging content from one convenient app. OneBuilding along with our customizable mobile app, OneAppManager, helps you design and deliver targeted tenant programs creating loyalty and reducing turnover. 

OneBuilding allows you to consolidate programs and services for your building onto one convenient and configurable platform. It brings flexibility into your hands allowing you to deliver a customized solution with valuable tools and services. It empowers you to create real connections between people and their places by engaging and enhancing communication, operations, and services all in one place.

OneBuilding drives tenant satisfaction, increases lease renewals, & attracts new tenants!

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OneBuilding creates rich engagement and transforms your office building into a community where tenants want to work!

Over the past year, we have experienced a dramatic change in workforce behaviors, requirements, and expectations. Whereas workers were required to be in the office in the past, now we must create an environment that makes the workforce WANT to come to the office. We need to create a better experience for workers getting to and from the office. Offering this environment will create differentiation, create value for your tenants, and increase the value of your property.

Success has shifted to include safety, productivity, flexibility, community and joy.
OneBuilding’s Platform provides you this success with a robust CRE solution OnePortico, our Tenant Engagement & Services Center delivered through our mobile app OneAppManager. OnePortico raises the tenants’ experience to a new level by providing convenience and engagement through a mobile app. By easily branding, configuring, and customizing OneAppManager, you can provide relevant, targeted tenant programs right to your tenants’ hands, and begin shrinking turnover and raising loyalty.   

OnePortico provides a One Stop Shop for tenants:

Standard App Center for core building services:

  • Tenant Profile
  • Commuter Concierge
  • Parking Reservations
  • Bike Locker Management
  • Desk and Room Reservations
  • Work Order Requests

Engagement & Communication Center  

  • Community and Tenant Directory
  • SMS & Email Communication
  • “Alerts, Notifications, & Newsletters
  • Surveys
  • Calendars for the Building & Local Community 
  • Tenant “chat” Groups & Forums
  • Policies & Documents

Commute Center (Com-Ex) providing tenants a                                Concierge Commute experience:

  • Transportation Maps & Routes
  • Personal Commute Plans
  • Parking Reservations
  • Transit Passes
  • Van/Shuttle Management
  • Ride Share
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
  • Ride Share
  • Bike Lockers


Tenant Convenience Center with 3rd Party Apps for services

OneAppManger for Creating a Customized Tenant Mobile Application

OneAppManager lets you manage your connections from Smart Building applications to create customized mobile tiles to enhance your tenant’s experience. OneAppManager is built on Salesforce,  the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management SaaS platform.

  • Connect your Smart Building Assets to a single Dashboard
  • Create your personalized Tenant Engagement Experience by adding any application including 3rd Party Applications like:
    • Salesforce AppExchange Applications
    • OneBuilding Applications
    • Tenant Applications
    • Tenant Inquiries
    • Tenant Lease Agreements