Commuter Choice

OneCommute Commuter Choice

Solutions for employers to help employees manage the best location to live when commuting to the office.

Space and Remote Work Management:

In the midst of this unprecedented time in our country, the landscape of our lives has been shifting in ways we never quite expected. Telework has become the norm for businesses and has made us realize that it will become one of the things brought forth by this pandemic that is going to stay. As we shift to a more flexible working environment, planning the space for employees and planning where they work remotely is going to be important. If there are fewer people coming into the office on average, there will be an excess of idle space. We will help employers manage and repurpose this newly vacant space based on their desires and needs, and we can employers manage employees in a new flexible work environment. On the other hand, for the employees that will be choosing to work remotely more often, we can assist in finding optimal remote office space while meeting their commuting needs as well.

Optimizing Employee Location:

We offer services to help optimize where employees live for their commute to the office because a shorter commute pays off in cost, productivity, turnover, retention, and employee physical and mental health.

  • The cost of commuting is $3,000 – $20,000 per employee per year
  • 40% of employees make their employer decisions based on their commute
  • 1 in 5 people move every year
  • Over 50% of people move every 3 years

With so many people moving each year within a company, there is a significant opportunity to provide assistance.


OneCommute can help employers support their employees in finding the best housing option that fits their living needs, as well as their commuting preferences.