Finding New Tenants

New tenants want to know the easy of commuting to work. The greatest way to attract quality tenants is to have a high-quality rental property in an ideal location at an optimal price range.   While you may not have control over issues like pricing and location, you can do a number of things to make the property more appealing to your tenants.

OneCommute is your answer.

OneCommute provides a variety of solutions to help tenants improve their commuting experience. OneCommute offers options that adapt to individual’s particular conditions to lessen the commute burden.

  • 40% of workforce base where they work on the commute
  • Visibility of Commute Burden: OneCommute can show tenants how to save money based on commute options
  • Personalized commute plans using mobile applications
  • State of art Parking Management: allow employees to reserve their parking spot
  • Giving employer’s data on commute burden to minimize turnover