OneBuilding: Tenant Experience and Engagement

Tenant Experience and Engagement

Transforms your building to a community tenants WANT to come to!

Tenant Experience:

OneBuilding Tenant Experience App provides you a way to enhance your tenants office experience with state-of-the art technology. Our solution transforms your building into a community.


OnePortico enables you to customize your tenant’s experience with programs and services relevant to them. Then you can bring this experience to their fingertips with a mobile application OneAppManager. Your tenants will be able to go one place to get everything they need for your building providing a seamless and convenient experience. 


Our standard Application Center streamlines processes for you and your tenants enhancing their experience and simplifying tasks such as:

  • Work Order Requests
  • Locker Management
  • Space or Amenities Reservations  

By adding 3rd party applications to OneAppManager you can integrate tenants entire experience from managing their lease, building access on their phone, to making reservations at the fitness center or ordering food for lunch or a catering event.  


By easily configuring, customizing, and branding OneAppManager, you can provide relevant, targeted tenant programs right to your tenant’s hands and begin creating loyalty and reducing turnover.  


Tenant Engagement:

OneBuilding Tenant Engagement provides exciting and helpful apps to keep tenants engaged and interacting with property managers and with other tenants and co-workers.

With OnePortico’s Engagement Center our mobile application OneAppManager provides tenants a way to communicate and engage with other tenants, the community, and you! Our applications encourage engagement with communication vehicles for:  

  • Resident “chat” groups for event and communication 
  • Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Community Calendar
  • SMS Communication
  • Email Communication
  • Building Events

 Adding 3rd party applications can further drive engagement with services for: 

  • Fitness
  • Tickets
  • Events
  • Webinars

OnePortico with OneAppManager will transform your office  environment into a community of engagement,  create differentiation for you, create value for your tenants, and increase the value of your property.