A facet of the commuting conversation which is often overlooked and something organizations can control is parking.   Los Angeles, a city with one of the worst commute times in the country has 14% of its land dedicated to parking.  While most employees want more parking, additional parking spaces is directly correlated to more headaches.   Any parking solution is rooted in a reduced dependency on parking. With the advent of commuter initiatives in Washington D.C., Seattle and Phoenix, some employers have reduced their parking space requirements by 20%. Parking lot challenges are tied to:

Each of us spends about 17 hours a year looking for parking. Here are just some ways  organizations can improve their parking situation:

OneCommute supports parking improvement initiatives by:

  1. Offering employee survey solutions to uncover the right solutions
  2. Promoting and tracking commuter program participation
  3. Tracking transit pass usage and discounts

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