Our ability to summarize and report on performance helps us focus on priorities and challenges. It also is a regulatory requirement in many communities as well as a way for us to champion our success.  The goals for reporting should be:

  1. Minimize manual report efforts and automate reporting

  2. Generate easy to understand information

  3. Here are some resources to improve your Excel reporting:

    1. Free Excel chart downloads http://labs.juiceanalytics.com/chartchooser/index.html

    2. Chart tips and training https://depictdatastudio.com/

OneCommute provides automated reports on commuter participation, sustainability and impact.  We also can combine commuter reports with survey results (if using the OneCommute survey product).  Watch this video to see the OneCommute reports and dashboards in action.  http://ride.onecommute.com/dashboarddemo


To learn more OneCommute’s reporting and dashboards offered on the platform click the button below to learn more.