Employers, employees, and transportation organizations are all working hard to re-open the office.  We need to have a central point of communication to startup the office.  The Employee Communication Community

They will need to strike a balance between the wellbeing of the members of their communities and the economic impacts within their communities.

Businesses are slowly starting to reopen with restrictions, and these businesses will need to be attentive and meticulous with their reopening strategies if they want positive results. OneCommute is offering a full suite of tools to ensure that corporations have a central portal to communicate safely and efficiently as possible. Our suite includes services like office planning, safe scheduling, site checklists, employee commuting, site planning, employee locations and much more.

We have built a complete centralized community that allows your company to track for each employee location, as well as communicate the latest updates including:


Office Planning

Before the pandemic, a typical office space would allocate 150 sqft/employee on average. Based on current estimates, this number is going to move upwards of 225-250 sqft/employee when offices become populated again. This is going to lead to a major change in how businesses operate and utilize their space.


Employee Task Force List and Policy Checklist

Safety is of the utmost importance when deciding to return to the office. We want to encourage awareness of new health protocols and offer helpful practices for cross-functional teamwork and employee training. We have created a community to help develop a playbook for returning to the office that will offer a comprehensive range of guides and checklists for safely returning to the office, including things like PPE checklists, employee return management, and walkthroughs on how to manage sick employees. This community will also serve as a centralized location for new policies regarding travel, flexible work planning, onboarding and training, and other business concerns related to COVID-19.


Safe Scheduling

Currently, offices across the nation are almost entirely vacant, with only executives and a small percentage of other employees allowed to return, many for only a few hours per day. Our scheduling application will allow for businesses to safely and effectively rotate employees in and out of the office when needed.


Employee Surveys – Returning to the Office

Surveys are an important way to ensure that employees’ voices are heard, which will ultimately improve their trust in the company. As you prepare to reopen your office, it is important to understand how employees feel about returning to the office and what barriers may be impacting their comfort levels. We have surveys for employees to convey these thoughts and needs so that your company can prepare for a smooth transition back to the office.


Employee Surveys – Daily Monitoring and Tracking:

As employees return to the office, it is crucial that their health and wellbeing are continuously monitored. OneCommute has surveys that can be used for daily monitoring of how employees are feeling, which allows your company to ensure that employees will not come to the office if they have been feeling unwell. These surveys can also track the overall health of your workforce, as well as compliance with new policies like mask requirements and temperature checks.

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