Ordinance Management

OneCommute Ordinance & Compliance Management

Parking and Transportation Demand Management Ordinances are being adopted by more and more cities across the country. These Ordinances are aimed to promote alternatives to driving, such as walking, biking, or public transit. Registering, tracking, and reporting the information is essential to managing these programs.

Our Application assists you with everything you need to manage your Parking & Transportation Demand Management Ordinance:  

  • Automated Registration Process (e.g. Ordinance Compliance Registration, Commuter Programs Registration) 
  • Measurement & Requirement Capturing (including Mode Counts)
  • TDM Plans & Program Tracking
  • Surveys to Collect Requirement Data
  • Annual Monitoring & Reporting
Examples of Ordinance Management Needs

Ordinance Compliance Registration:  

  • Customizable, Dynamic Forms Makes it Easy to Use 
  • Collect Information Online Automates the Process
  • Validation Ensures Data Integrity 
  • Information Stored for Easy Reporting
  • File Upload Capability Supports Flexibility 
  • Workflow Available for Approval Processes 
  • Email Notifications Keep Everyone Informed  

Transportation Demand Management:

  • Marketing to Employees
  • Providing Commuter Benefit Programs
  • Making Ride Match Information Available
  • Parking Cash-Out Programs
  • Last-Mile Connection
  • Transit Pass Management


Our survey function allows you to collect all your requirement data that can then be used for reporting.

  • Templates Enable Surveys to be Created Quickly & Easily  
  • Surveys can be Branded 
  • Create Survey to Collect Data Specific to your Requirements 
  • Mode-splits Can be Calculated Based on Responses to Mode-type Questions
  • Calculations Such as Response Rates are Built-in
  • Summary Reporting Allows you to See Results for an Employer or Rolled-up 

Employer View

  • Brand & Personalize the View  
  • Create Knowledge Hub to Promote TDM Programs & Events
  • Deliver Training & Other Pertinent Material 
  • Employers Can Only See Their Reports & Data
  • Employers Provide Info on Their Individualized TDM Program 

Reporting & Dashboards

All the data collected is available for Reports and Dashboards. Our solution provides one source for all your reporting requirements! 

  • Dashboards Contain Reports to Quickly & Easily Visualize Summary Data
  • Reports Display in Table Form or Graphs 
  • Users Can Drill Down from Summary Data to the Detail
  • Data Can be Real Time
  • Users Can Subscribe to Get Reports Emailed to Them on a Schedule