Ride Matching & Ride Share Programs

Sharing a ride is easy with OneCommute’s Ride Matching & Ride Sharing Programs

Carpooling offers commuters the chance to share rides, divide driving duties, and significantly lower their commuting costs. Carpooling actively reduces the number of single-occupant vehicles on our roads, leading to less traffic congestion and cleaner air. OneCommute’s Ride Matching and Ride Share Programs assist commuters in finding a carpool solution that suits their needs, providing them with the confidence that they can always secure a ride! Join the movement for a smoother, more sustainable commute.

Ride Matching Program

Inflation and increased awareness in protecting our environment has increased employees interest in carpooling. But most employees don’t know how to find a carpool. OneCommute’s Ride Matching App makes it easy and fun for employees to find a carpool that works FOR THEM! It takes the stress out of carpooling and removes barriers, resulting in less single-occupancy vehicles on our roads. And OneCommute Ride Matching Program is simple for employers to implement and manage.

Ride Share Program

What happens when an employee unexpectedly needs a ride at the last minute? Not to worry. With OneCommute’s Ride Share App, unexpected events don’t have to disrupt your plans or leave you stranded. Our app makes it easy for employees to quickly find a last-minute carpool ride. Stay connected and keep moving with OneCommute!

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